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The benefits of Asian massage otherwise known as Chinese massage are endless towards a personís health. Asian massage techniques are known and proven to encourage mental wellness and increase physical capabilities. Asian massage is a harmless alternative to conventional medicines that have harmful side effects on a personís body.


The massage is administered by the therapist with the use of long smooth strokes, along with rubs and circular motions that relaxes superficial and deep muscles. The therapist skillfully and expertly uses appropriate movements as to the massage that is being applied. Asian massage has unique qualities that focuses mainly on muscle are of the body. This unique technique is not used by other massage methods. This deep muscle massage, surpassing the skin and soft tissue, opens the energy flow of the body.


Our Services

Hot oil massage
Using their thumbs, fingers, fists, forearms and elbows the masseuse stretches the bodyís connective muscles and tissues. Imbalances in the body are corrected with the masseuse applying deep pressure in certain areas using slow movement.
Deep tissue
This helps the body by easing muscle tension, releasing toxins and soreness also improving vitality in the person.
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